Pilot Plant Freeze Dryer

Bench-top in situ Freeze Dryer (3kgs/24h)


• LCD dispaly. ,

• CFC-free refrigeration

• Pre-freeze dried in situ,high transmittance plexiglass viweing window

• LCD display,PID control,the drying vurve;

• Square tray is not easily deformed,easy to operate,easy to clean;

• Can be configured inflation valve,ddsposable dry insert gas;

• With tamponade,vacuum seal;

• The LCD: shelf temperature curve,the cold trap temperature curve,

• Sample temperture curve,the curve of the degree of vacuum and the composite curve,

• 16 programs can be steored,

• Freeze dryer program parameters can be modified during operation,

• And record the final drying curves,

• Circuit system using PID control,

• Can connect the computer real-time display of the freeze-dried curve.

Technical parameters:

• Drying Area: 0.15 square meters

• Condensing temperature: <-55 ° C

• Pre-freezing temperature: -45 ° C

• Tray heating: heating temperature to 50 degrees

• Degree of vacuum: <13Pa

• Lyophilized size: 0.15 m

• Panel mounted Material: 3 liters

• Water-capture capability: 3kg/24h

• Tray size: 400 * 300mm height 30mm

• The shelf layers: 1

• Space between the shelves: 90mm

• Power Requirements: 220V 50Hz 1000W / 110V 60Hz 1000W

• Top-stopping down Optional ( manual)

• Machine size: L 580 W 550 H 600 mm

Series Vacuum Freeze Dryer pilot 6kgs~10kgs/24hr

SJIA series vacuum freeze dryer (square cabinet) is suitable for laboratory samples of freeze drying test, and a small amount of production. The machine is with shelf heating function, using PID technology which is accurate temperature control, human-computer interface using LCD screen with curves and data

Technical characteristics

• Pre-freeze drying processing is in situ, put the material into the drying cabinet, it is automatic for the process of freezing and dring.

• The machine is cascade refrigeration technology, imported compressor which

is low noise, large cooling capacity and high capacity of water capture to reduce the time of freeze drying.

• Silicon oil is intermediate medium in the shelves for heating to ensure drying

material uniformity, temperature discrepancy is ?1?

• The shelf temperature can be adjustable and control which is easy for exploring of semi-work and production process.

• The square shelf is difficult for distortion, and easy for operation and cleaning.

• LCD display I designed as touch screen, it adopt PID intelligent control system, can display all important curves and data, human-computer interface can provide the user more information for relevant freeze drying process.

• Cold trap and operation panel are made by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean

• The inflation valve is optional, which can be filled with inert gas.

• The cabinet door is with high transparent colorless organic glass, the material

change process can be easily observed during the operation through the transparent door.

The recorder and computer communication interface is optional