Liner, countertops are stainless steel: -10 - +100 Degree

Optional: -40~100 temp. rang

LCD display

DC Series Low Temperature Water Bath, Chiller Bath


Low Temperature Water Bath is widely used in the fields of biological engineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, chemical analysis, petroleum, etc, providing a constant high precise, controlled, temperature homogeneours place for users. Its temperature is controlled by microprocessor with PID regulator. It has such advantages as fastness in temperature rising and dropping, high precision in controlling temperature.


DC series of low-temperature Water bath main performance 


1. whole sealing refrigeration compressor, refrigeration system is overheating, overcurrent protection device of multiple

2. Circulating pump can be constant temperature liquid tank outside the guidelines, a second constant temperature field.

3. Tank of cold liquid can be introduced outside, cooler outside the experimental container, but also in the slot directly to low-temperature, constant temperature experiment

4. Using XMT analog and digital PID control system, temperature LCD display.

5. Liner, countertops are stainless steel, clean, beautiful and corrosion resistance. DCW series horizontal.