Medical and Clinical Auotclaves

Production-scale autoclaves

Chamber volumes between 586 and 5,060 liters

Safe operation, easy to use, reliable performance

Areas of application

Pharmaceutical industry for GMP-compliant sterilization of final products

SPF animal facilities for sterilizing cages containing litter and food

Food manufacturers for sterilizing basic materials

Medium-sized and large laboratories, for waste disposal. Also suitable in level S2 laboratories.

Level S3 laboratories, as a pass-through model with gas-tight separation

Pharmaceutical companies, for sterilizing auxiliaries used in production

In production, for sterilizing final products such as contact lenses

Surgical centers and hospitals, for sterilizing instruments, laundry, etc.

Technical specifications / features

• Highly robust, energy-efficient sterilization chamber

• May be installed in recessed areas for loading at ground level

• GMP-compliant design that meets FDA requirements

• Hot-water sprinkling method

• Inline sterilization of the ventilation filter, incl. automatic WIT for testing filter integrity

• User-administrated control system (GAMP compliant)

• Ergonomic loading height of 780 mm

• Vertical automatic door, compact external dimensions

• Pass-through model with gas-tight separation

• GMP-compliant design that meets FDA requirements

• Vacuum pump set

• Water-saving feature for mantle cooling system and vacuum pump