Lab Scale Autoclaves

Laboratory autoclaves

• In the lab, for sterilizing basic materials such as agar

• For sterilizing solid and liquid waste up to safety level S2, and up to safety level S3 for pass-through units

• As a stand-alone solution in a large laboratory, for sterilizing small amounts of materials quickly and cost-effectively

Touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation

• Steam generator integrated into the housing and independent of the

sterilization chamber

• Rapid recirculating water cooling system with support pressure control

• Made entirely of stainless steel

Extract of the extensive options:

• Built-in steam generator Independent of the sterilisation chamber

• Water quick re-cooling „FASTCOOLER“ Heat exchanger, fan within.

• Vacuum pump assembly for single-step or fractionated prevacuum and

drying under vacuum

• Exhaust air filter with condensate inactivation, for the sterilisation of

infectious goods of the risk class S2

Chamber volume: 80L 96L 133L 153L