Mobile NIR

Usually, the conventional chemical analysis methods need many kinds of analysis instruments and devices, consume a lot of manpower, materials and time, which cannot meet the demands of instant and site detection. The near-infrared spectrum analysis technology can complete the simultaneous detection on multiple parameters of the sample within one minute; generally the detection process does not need pretreatment of the sample; no consumption on other material or reagent; with high analysis precision, nice repeatability and low cost; it is really a “fast, nice and economy” non-destructive detection method.

The SupNIR-2600 near-infrared analyzer adopts grating scanning spectrophotometry instrument and high sensitivity TEC refrigerating temperature control InGaAs detector, the wavelength covers 1,000~1,800nm. It is widely applied to the liquid analysis application fields such as fuel quality analysis (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel etc), food quality instant identification (edible oil, wine, juice, and edible vinegar), chemical industry, pharmacy etc.

Product Features

? Easy operation, fast detection

? Accurate detection, wide application

? Modularization design, easy maintenance

? Moisture-proof and dust prevention, seismic resistant design

? Environmental friendly analysis, without destructing the samples