Standart NIR

SupNIR-2700 series near infrared analyzer utilizes optical design

which combines holographic digital light grating and high sensitivity indium gallium arsenic detector (TEC refrigeration constant temperature). Based on permeable reflection modes to do sample analysis, wavelength range covers 1000-2500nm. No destruction rapid detection of solid flake, pellet, powder, and samples in some composition of physical and chemical is achieved by external computer and RIMP software. As an easy operation system, just put samples plate on sample desk, start measurement by a click, and then the instrument finish measurement and analysis automatically. It is widely used in feed production, agricultural products processing, grain purchase, cultivation planting research etc.

High property RIMP software

RIMP is the professional software with the features of full Chinese

display, friendly man-machine interface and easy operation, which

also combines instrument operation, modeling and data processing together. The software has mainstream chemical metrology which includes PLS least squares regression analysis for quantitative analysis, ANN artificial neural network method, SIMCA method for qualitative analysis, cluster analysis etc. Function of measurement data storage, check, exchange, statistics and report output etc can be achieved based on the database.

? Product features

?Easy operation, no need of special training, and no need of sample pretreatment which may damage the sample.

? Rapid analysis, detect multiple index simultaneously within one minute, such as water, fat, protein, fiber, ash composition, amino acids etc index.

? Applicable to multiple sample types, such as flake, pellet or powder, and easy to place samples.

? Spectrum technology and indium gallium arsenic detector are scanned by advanced grating, ensure instrument stability and better noise ratio

? Rotation sample plate measurement modes, increase the  representativeness of heterogeneous samples, improve accuracy

of measurement results .

? Built-in standard substance has automatic fault diagnosis and

prompt function.

? The light source utilizes self-collimation module design, no need

of adjustment which make it easy to change the light source.

?Models can be delivered successfully among multiple instruments.

? Full Chinese display, easy operation, combines instrument operation, modeling and data processing together.

? Support network connecting, convenient for instrument maintenance and model update.