Portable NIR

Supnir-1000 series portable near infrared analyzer is designed to be a portable analyzer for onsite rapid detection, wavelength range covers 600 to 1800nm, compact structural design ,small size, built-in rechargeable battery, large capacity storage device and LCD module. By configuring different measuring attachment, the analyzer can implement rapid detection of no destruction of flake, pellet, pasty, powder and liquid samples in some composition of physical and chemical. It has been widely applied in fruit farming, food quality, scientific research, and other fields.

? Product feature

? Rapid analysis, synchronously measure multiple indexes within 30 seconds.

? High accuracy detection, close to the normal analysis accuracy of lab.

? Can implement rapid detection of no destruction on onsite samples.

? Abundant measurement accessories, can realize different sample analysis, convenient to change probes .

? Built-in standard substance, has automatic diagnosis and fault

prompts functions.

? Built-in strong storage devices, achieve the analytical data and

spectrogram storage.

? Built-in USB interface, Transfer data to the computer directly.

? Configure RIMP software with instrument , can implement upload and download of data, edit and output analytical report, realize network long distance control.

? Easy to operate, can be easily grasped by non technican .

? A variety of power supply methods, 19V and built-in lithium


? Small volume, light weight, only 6 kilogram.

Sample types


Sugar degree ,acidity ,hardness, insect pests


Water, Unsaturated fat, Crude protein

Edible oil:

Unsaturated fatty acid, acid agent and Iodine number


Nicotine, water, general sugar , restore sugar, general chlorine, many phenol type, additive ,origin identification, degree classification .

Optical fiber

Each composition content of mix textiles, cotton fiber contains restore sugar, fiber outer oil, fiber dye ability, mercerized degrees of cotton fabric, wool Myelination degrees, cotton fabric finishing agent, second acetic acid cellulose vinegar number, carpet fabric type identification.

High molecular

Molecular, Density, dissolve index, etc stipulation, Remnant monomer, Solvent, additive content, pellet distribution , Mechanics property, recycle waste plastics type identification .


Water, Organic quality, general nitrogen content, soil classification.

Medical substance

Crystal State , Pellet diameter, Circulation optical property, density, identification of Chinese medical substance counterfeits ,origin, quality degree