HS1000 Optical Profilometer | Hi-Speed Automated Inspection

The HS1000 measures at speeds 50 times faster than most inspection systems in its class. Inspection speeds can reach up to 1m/s and data acquisition up to 31KHz providing crucial inspection for more time constraint production and quality control environments. 

The HS1000 is made mostly of granite to provide superior stability and comes with an optional enclosure workstation to create a fully contained stand-alone instrument. 

The HS1000 can also be equipped with an 180point line sensor to make inspection up to 180 times faster, which gives 1m/s stage speed and an acquisition rate up to 324,000. Ideal option for hi-speed automation and quality control environments. 

Optimized versions of the HS1000 Profilometer has been built for Photovoltaic, Microelectronics and Asphere production environments. Capable of high speeds, acquiring up to 31,000 points per second and scan areas up to 1m x 1m. Measurements can range from microelectronic planarity, to solar cell flatness to aspheric topography and dimension. Available as stand alone or inline integration for quality control inspection.