Lab Scale Glass Reactors

The ReactoMate CLR Easy Support is a modern, efficient and easy to clean support stand designed to suit all controlled lab reactors from 100ml to 5000ml 

It has a small footprint, and the design makes it easy to manipulate your

vessel as required

The ReactoMate CLR Super Safe Support system is designed to suit all sizes from small benchtop jacketed reaction vessels, to large pilot scale.

The Super Safe Support system features an innovative design allowing you to easily adjust the height of your vessel with just one hand. With all-round visibility and access, chemically resistant build, and suitable for vessels up to 30,000ml with the foot print of a bench top system.

You can customise your stand with numerous options including locking

casters, drip trays and more. As with any jacketed reactor vessel system, we understand that your needs may change over time and alternative vessels may be required without your whole system being replaced.

We can work with you to supply new ReactoMate CLR vessels from 50ml benchtop scale to 30,000ml pilot scale single jacketed reaction vessels. You may choose from clear borosilicate vessels or with an amber coating for reduced effect of sunlight on your work for example.