Pilot Plant Fermentors

SIP Fermentors


1.SIP fermentors can be sterilized easily by sterilizable -in -place

2.Large 10.4" colourful simens touchscreen simplifier enteringsetpoints and provides displays of parameter.

3.advanced software to make it easy for operation and understanding.

4.Stainless steel vessel, piping and control cabinet has long life

5.Excellent stability and convenient to operate

6.Modular design provide system flexibility

7.Small footprint to minimize space requirement

8.Opening piping frame with plenty of space between valves and piping,make it easy for operation and maintenance


Ritai offers SIP fermentors for microbial culture Applications. It is ideal system for production of bacteria, yeast, enzyme,and fungi ,etc in aerobic and anaerobic cultures.This series of products suits for various kinds of microbiology lab, pilot and industrial scale fermentation. User can choose appreciate model according to Client s detail requirement.

Lab scale: 5L 10L 20L 30L 40L 50L 60L 70L 80L 90L 100L 150L

Pilot scale: 200L 300L 400L 500L 600L 700L 800L 900L 1000L....4000L

Industrial scale: 5000L 6000L 7000L 8000L 9000L 10000L…20000L

Special product can be made according to special requirements.

Parallel Fermentors:

Two-union Parallel Fermentors


This system is made up of seed fermentor and mainfermentor, the two fermenttors are controlled by one control system in on control cabinet. The whole system is installed on one plat form, the two fermentors can work independently and can work together at same time. It adopts top mechanical agitation system, the rotate speed can be adjustable. Parameters of temp., PH, DO, feed,foam, etc can be automatically controlled, recorded, stored and printed. It has the following feat

ures: excellent stability and convenient operation.