Glass autoclavable fermentors


1.vessel body is made of borosilicate glass to guarantee ofresistance to high

temp, excellent corrosion resistance

2.transparency for visual inspection of the culture situation

3.Glass vessel can be used under atmospheric pressure

4.top lid ,bottom seat and control cabinet is made of stainless steel

5.Excellent stability and convenient to operate

6.we can make according to client‘s special process demands,because of the modularity and and flexibility


Rita offers glass autoclavable fermentors for microbial culture applications,such as yeast, enzyme, fungi, bacteria , etc... This kind of glass autoclavable fermentors are applied to science and research institute and microbiology laboratory. It is the ideal equipment of precise fermentation trial. It is also applied to selection of microorganism fermentation substrate,optimization of fermentation craft parameter and test of roduction craft and of fungus.etc

Working volume 5L,10L,15L, 20L

Filling volume 65-80%

Material borosilicate glass and stainless steel

Pressure ATM (atmospheric pressure)


1. Fermentor use servo motor

2.top mechanical agitator , single mechanical seal

3.speed range:50-400rpm

Equips of vessel

1.using alcohol flame inoculation

2.electrical heater

3.PH,DO, temp. sensor foam and level probe port, etc.


1.On-line check and measure, and digitization fully automatic

2.PH, acid and base gang control. Peristaltic pump automatically adjust to feed acid and base

3.Control range 2-12pH, measure precision±0.01 pH, control precision ±0.1 pH;

4. It has auto alarm function

5.pH sensor and signal transmission line, mettler toledo


1.On-line check and measure; digital display.

2.Range 0-100% or 0-200%, precision ±1%;

3. It has auto alarm function;

4. DO sensor and signal transmission line, mettler toledo 

Foam control

1.Automatically control and automatically alarm;

2. Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically add defoamer.

Feed control

1.Automatically control and automatically alarm;

2.Stainless steel electrode check, peristaltic pump automatically feeding

Temp. control 

1.PID fully digitization signal processing, digitization control settings

2.Measure range 0-150?, control range 15-45?,control precision±0.2?

3.Pt 100?temp. Sensor

4. system with electrical heater to control the temp inside vessel

Rotate speed

1. Automatically control , with auto alarm function

2. servo frequency converter to adjust the speed.

Air flow

1.Manually adjusting with rotor meter and manual valve

2.Automatically adjusting with massflow meter and pneumatic valves (optional)

3.with small PALL filter, precision 0.2?m sterilization Should sent to autoclave for


Control Siemens PLC, and Siemens 10.4’ LCD touch screen(HMI) and PC

1.PC with kingview software for recording function (optional)

2.PC with Siemens remote control and kingview recording function

3.printer (optional)