FlowSyn Auto-LF

FlowSyn Automated Loop Filling (FlowSyn Auto-LF) is an optional module which enables you to perform automated combinatorial experiments, i.e. to run multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs.

  • Automatically prepare focussed combinatorial compound libraries in flow
  • Optimise reactions and perform reagent screening using multiple starting materials (e.g. base or coupling
  • reagent screen)
  • Integrated wash steps to prevent cross-contamination
  • Simultaneous loop filling and fraction collection to save processing time
  • Electrically operated selection valve – no injection ports to block!
  • Continuously monitor flow reactor progress and performance in real time – interactive displays of pressure and temperature
  • Save experiment log files

With its many capabilities FlowSyn Auto-LF is a powerful and highly versatile research tool enabling you to harness the power of flow chemistry to deliver more compounds faster.

  • Flexible: Each reaction can have a different set of conditions
  • Efficient: Separate Sampler and Fraction Collector enables loop filling for the next experiment to begin before the current experiment has finished, significantly reducing series run times
  • Reliable: No injection port to leak or block; fully integrated robust wash protocols minimise the risk of cross-contamination
  • Versatile: Partial, full or over-filling of sample loops possible
  • Accurate: Sampler can be calibrated to position samples precisely within sample loops
  • Powerful: Independent, manual control of Sampler, real-time reaction monitoring and data logging 
  • Easy to set up: Multiple experiments quickly programmed via familiar user interface
  • Compact: Stacked small format XYZ Sampler and Fraction Collector minimises valuable fume
  • cupboard space