FlowSyn Multi-X

For multiple reactions

  • Automatically run sequential experiments
  • Reagent scanning, reaction profiling and optimisation
  • Explore a range of reaction conditions: temperature,
  • residence time and stoichiometry

Flow chemistry is an excellent method for reaction profiling and optimisation, particularly prior to scale up. High reproducibility of results, coupled with short processing times, allows rapid exploration of a range of reaction conditions.

The FlowSyn Multi-experiment package (FlowSyn Multi-X) consists of either a Gilson FC203B or FC204 fraction collector and an enhanced FlowSyn control interface. 

The FlowSyn can be programmed to perform up to 10 sequential experiments and then will run unattended and collect the output of each experiment according to the collection protocol selected (‘fractionate’ or ‘optimise’).

Reaction outputs can be either simply ‘fractionated’ or collected using a dedicated optimisation rack whereby each reaction plug is collected into a single vial and an aliquot is directly sampled into a 2 ml LCMS vial for subsequent analysis.