FlowSyn™ from Uniqsis

For single reactions:
  • Superheated reactions up to +260°C (1400 psi)
  • Small scale cooled reactions down to -70°C
  • Run seamless scale up reactions
  • Continuous or plug flow
  • Segmented flow
The FlowSyn continuous flow reactor has been designed by chemists, for chemists. Whether you are new to flow chemistry or an advanced user, Uniqsis offers a range of accessible modules with outstanding chemical compatibility and proven reliability.

High Performance
  • Accurate, uniform temperature control from -70°C to +260°C
  • Pressure up to 1400 psi: Perform superheated reactions routinely
  • Automated reactions: Allows unattended operation
  • Maximum reproducibility thanks to specially designed mixers and reactors
  • Chemical compatibility: Choose stainless steel or PTFE flow path
  • Excellent reaction visibility Flexible
  • Perform an extensive range of chemistries from mg to kg
  • Choose from modules for reaction profiling and optimisation, and library synthesis
  • Choose from reactors for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions
  • Switch between configurations in minutes
  • Add extra pump modules for downstream additions
  • Choose between manual and automated control
  • Suited for a single user or for open access Safe
  • All pressurised parts contained within a Plexiglass alarmed safety cover
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of a leak or blockage
  • Pressure and temperature limits automatically determined depending on system configuration
  • High performance connections and tubing prevent tubing blow-outs 

Uniqsis Located in Cambridge, England, Uniqsis has a team of flow chemists and engineers developing innovative technology for the flow chemistry market. At the forefront of flow reactor design, FlowSyn is the platform of choice within major pharmaceutical companies and academic research laboratories around the world.

Contact us for:
  • Assistance in choosing your FlowSyn configuration
  • Application support and training
  • After sales service and preventative maintenance options