Jr25 Optical Profilometer | True Portable Capability

Using the same technology and software as the PS50, along with 25mm X-Y stages, the high-performance, portable Jr25 Profilometer provides measurement capability rarely available for immovable objects or during field study. The Jr25 has a small footprint (27cm x 14cm) with a total weight less than 5.5 Kg and runs on a laptop, which makes for portable ease. With a fully rotational, single axis, head the Jr25 has the ability to measure surfaces at difficult angles. Durable carrying case for safe and secure transport. Ideal option for portable measurement needs during field studies or immovable objects in processing environments.

  •     Weight less than 5.5kg
  •     Footprint 27cm x 14cm
  •     25mm x 25mm XY
  •     True portable non contact 3D measurement capabilities