RisoOptically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

Infrared/Blue/Green Light Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) 

Combined blue/green/infrared/ light stimulated luminescence (IRSL/OSL) unit for IRSL/OSL measurements of a variety of natural and artificial materials. The OSL unit is based on illumination with sets of high power LEDs

– blue (470 nm; >100 mW/cm2)

– green (530 nm; >50 mW/cm2)

– near-IR (870 nm; >150 mW/cm2)

The OSL unit enables flexible and combined BLSL/IRSL/TL measurements in automatic sequences. The OSL/IRSL system includes a software controlled power supply to allow illumination power to be varied during a measurement sequence (e.g. for normalisation) or to ramp of the illumination power during an OSL readout to perform linearly modulated OSL (LMOSL) to investigate trap distributions and OSL decay rate components.

Automated filter changer

The automated filter changer makes it possible to control the change of filters by the

Sequence Editor software. The filter changer consists of two layers of filter wheels. Each layer can hold up to 4 different ø25 mm filters. For the standard configuration one layer holds

• 7.5 mm Hoya U-340

• 2 mm Schott BG-39 + 3 mm Schott BG-3 (blue filter pack) and the second layer hold a neutral density filter

• 5 mm Schott NG-9