Riso Thermoluminescence (TL)

The Risø TL/OSL reader enables automated measurements of thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) signals. As the measurement system is highly sensitive and includes a reference radiation source, it is widely used for determining radiation doses in natural and artificial materials with applications in geological and archaeological dating, forensic and accident dosimetry, and radiation protection. Several state of the art attachments to the TL/OSL reader allow investigations on luminescence physics in different phosphors/dosimeters.

The development of the Risø TL/OSL reader started in 1982 with an automated TL reader. In 1991 the Risø TL platform was expanded to enable OSL measurements. Since then the Risø TL/OSL reader has undergone continuous development to include new features and instrument attachments. At present, more than 350 units have been manufactured and delivered to outstanding research laboratories all over the world. For a specification of the reader and its many available options