Parallel Synthesis Kit

DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit

The DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit provides a convenient, low cost solution for chemists wishing to conduct simple synthetic reactions with temperature control and magnetic stirring, but without the complications of reflux or inerting. It is ideal for producing small, focused libraries of compounds.

This kit accommodates a range of standard reaction tubes and vials, of

different diameters. It can also be upgraded to a parallel reaction station using standard round-bottom flasks, by using the appropriate DrySyn MULTI inserts. In this configuration, facilities like reflux and gas control can be added, as can directly driven stirring with the Asynt Vortex stirrer system.

Size options available:

16.20mm (will fit CEM microwave tubes)

17.40mm (will fit Biotage 2-5ml microwave tubes)

20.20mm (will fit robot tubes)

24.40mm (will fit 24mm boiling tubes)

25.75mm (will fit Wheton reactor vials)

28.20mm (will fit Biotage 10-20ml microwave tubes but 3 position only)

The kit includes: 1 x ADS3-B DrySyn MULTI base, 1 x ADS3-R-(size) set of three inserts.

DrySyn Vortex overhead stirrer

Vortex complements the DrySyn Multi range by offering overhead stirring for three reactions with only one overhead stirrer.

The ability to perform multiple reactions improves efficiency and the compact footprint saves scarce space in the chemistry lab.

The Vortex overhead stirrer system is designed to agitate even the most

viscous solutions and can be placed on any hotplate stirrer to heat reactions.

Operates with only one overhead stirrer for up to three 500ml flasks

Compact footprint saves space in the lab. 

Accommodates 3x 100ml, 3x 250ml and 3x 500ml flasks

Compatible with DrySyn Multi system (uses 100, 250, 500ml inserts) to

accommodate flasks Improved efficiency through ability to perform multiple reactions

Excellent stirring for viscous solutions

Easy and quick set up

Greatly reduces grinding effects on solids, e.g. crystals

The new DrySyn SNOWSTORM reactor

The DrySyn Snowstorm offers an attractive solution to low temperature

reaction chemistry. Purging the dome with nitrogen / argon prevents the

formation of ice, around the reactors, at sub-ambient temperatures. 

Active temperature control from +150oC to -30oC permits unattended operation of up to 12 vials at any one time.

With a small bench top footprint, the DrySyn Snowstorm allows increased throughput and screening without taking up valuable fume hood space.

Max. solution temperature* -30oC

Vial / Tube Reaction scale:

The 4 position reaction vial inserts come in the following sizes:

(size refers to the diameter of the hole).

16.20mm (will fit CEM microwave tubes)

17.40mm (will fit Biotage 2-5ml microwave tubes)

20.20mm (will fit robot tubes)

24.40mm (will fit Radleys tubes)

25.75mm (will fit Wheton reactor vials)

28.20mm (will fit Biotage 10-20ml microwave tubes – this size 3 position, not 4)

Custom : Choose any diameter up to 28.20mm

Material: anodised aluminium

Base diameter: 87mm

*Attained with Huber Ministat 240 (without insulation).

The DrySyn MULTI

The DrySyn MULTI converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction

block for 3 flasks of 10ml – 100ml, or up to 12 vials. Its modular system

offers flexibility and is very compact with a small footprint.

The NEW base design now allows fitment with any hotplate stirrer.

Various kits are also available depending on your needs, including the DrySyn MULTI-A starter kit which includes the base and one each of 25/50/100ml inserts (shown in the smaller picture).

Setting up 3 reactions is easy with the DrySyn MULTI clamp Up to 3 reactions in flasks from 10ml to 100ml or up to 12 reactions in tubes or vials

Powerful stirring in all configurations

Temperature probe fits directly in insert for greater accuracy

Fits any hotplate stirrer

Safe temperature ramping to 300C

DrySyn Vortex Blend overhead stirrer

A new adaptation to the Asynt Vortex parallel overhead stirrer has been

developed specifically to cater for the requirements of scientists who need to test new formulations and blends of ingredients in parallel.

The device is particularly relevant to blending and formulation scientists in the oil, cosmetics, cleansing and hygiene industries.


Multiple blending experiments will often be carried out by research scientists using standard laboratory beakers, these experiments usually

require heating and powerful agitation. The general method is to heat a

beaker or relevant container on a hotplate, clamped securely in place and simultaneously mix from above using an overhead motor. However this arrangement can take up a lot of fume hood space if multiple experiments are required in parallel. Also when working in parallel it is not ideal for ensuring identical conditions are created in each beaker with motor speeds and heating rates varying.


The Vortex Blend offers the scientist a compact space saving way of performing 3 blending experiments in parallel. By saving space using its 3 way gearbox and heating plate it also ensures that the experiments have identical conditions to each other in terms of stirring rate and heating rate/temperature. The Vortex Blend utilizes a standard over head stirrer motor and hotplate for operation