High Pressure Single Reactors

These compact high pressure bench top reactors allow for easy charging, product recovery, and cleaning. In the smaller and mid-sized model the entire vessel is simply lifted out of the heater by hand! With no elaborate set up required this is a simple but very effective unit.

The DrySyn Classic High Pressure Reactor Adaptor is made to measure for your reactor, enabling it to sit securely on a standard hotplate. Made from anodised stainless steel, it is designed to last.

Designed to adapt the DrySyn Classic to work with commercially available cylindrical high pressure reactors. It is manufactured to fit reactors of 51mm

Custom, if you have a different size reactor that you would like an adaptor for please contact us

Fits on standard laboratory hotplate with temperature control via PT100

Use standard DrySyn base with high pressure reactor inserts for 50, 100 and 250ml reactors

Fail safe mechanism and bursting disc

Ideal for homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis studies

Gas insertion feed excellent for hydrogenation reactions

Agitation via magnetic flea

Clean, safe synthesis without the requirement of oil as your heating media

100 Bar @ 300C

316 stainless steel