Dip Coater

1- PTL-MM02 Programmable Dip Coater

PTL-MM02 Programmable Dip Coater is a specialized precision equipment for researching liquid phase growing thin film of substrate. Substrate surface is growing thin film by vertical dipping in the constant environment.

Programmable control, set up dipping rate, dwell time, entering liquid speed and cycle life. Also can be controlled separately. Big touch screen adjustable parameter, PLC programmable control, data accurate and stable. We can equip 200° constant temp oven by customers' requirement, supply the constant temp environment for dipping and coating

1. Pulling/dipping speed range: 1mm –200mm/min

2. Stepless speed adjustable

3. Valid pulling/dipping height: 80mm

4. Speed stability: -0.05%??+0.05%

5. Program control

2- PTL-HT High Temp Dip Coater

PTL-HT High Temp Dip Coater is widely used for all kinds of high temp

dipping and coating research, such as ceramic thin film, crystal thin film,

battery material thin film, particular nanometer thin film; Can adapt high temp forming film with the technological development in the future.

CE Certified

High Temp Dip Coater can be used under 1000?, convenient to coat high temp thin film on the special materials. It can be protected by inert gas of N2, Ar and so on, also can be protected in the oxidation environment, Input data by color touch screen, programmable control, achieve to form film by automatic dipping/pulling.

1. Using temperature: room temp-1000?

2. Pulling/dipping speed range: 1mm –200mm/min

3. Three segments temp area separately control dipping speed, each

segment stepless speed adjusting

4. Program control

5. Power(include heating section): ?3KW

6. Voltage??220V 7. Color touch screen input data

3- PTL-NMB Nanometer Constant Temp Dip Coater

PTL-NMB Nanometer Constant Temp Dip Coater is specialized designed for researching (manufacturing) liquid phase epitaxy thin film, can grow all kinds of thin films by vertical dipping in the liquid. When dipping epitaxy, proceed in the constant temp environment. Benefit for thin film formation and solidify.

Programmable control system, input program by color touch screen, can

display dipping speed, dipping height, cycle times, dwell time and other


CE Certified

1. Color touch screen setting parameter, PLC program control

2. Safe operation, interface clear, easy to understand.

1. Pulling/dipping speed range: 1-500nm./sec

2. Valid dipping height: 200mm

3. Max. sample length: 80mm

4. Speed stability: -0.05% +0.05%

5. Constant temp range: Room temp: -200?

4- PTL-MM02-200 Programmable Vertical Dip

PTL-MM02-200 Programmable Vertical Dip Coater is an specialized precision equipment for researching (manufacturing) liquid phase growing thin film. Substrate is growing thin film on the surface by vertical pulling/dipping in the liquid. High precision speed control system, touch screen setting parameter, the whole process is automatic control.

This instrument is specialized designed researching (manufacturing) liquid phase thin film, can grow thin film by vertical dipping/pulling in different liquids. Programmable control, can set pulling/dipping speed, dwell time, speed to get into the liquid and cycle times, also can be controlled separately.

1. Dipping speed range: 1mm– 200mm/min

2. Substrate dimension: 310mm°¡260mm°¡5mm

3. Valid dipping height: 270mm

4. Speed stability: -0.05% +0.05%

5. Max. sample load: 7kg

6. Power: 20W