Melting Furnaces

FMF-40 Compact Levitation Cold Crucible Vacuum Melting Furnace

FMF-40 is an Advanced Vacuum Float-Melting System for exploring new generation magnetic alloy and metallic materials. The system uses 40KW high frequency induction heater to cause metallic sample to float during melting by magnetic vortex within a special designed water-cold copper crucible placed inside a vacuum sealed quartz tube. Therefore, it can produce extra high purity ferro or magnetic alloy without any contamination.

Induction Heater

Working Voltage: 380 / 460V AC (3 phases) upon customer's request

Working Current: 5-20 Amp (30A breaker required)

Output Frequency: 50-200 kHz Adjustable

Max. Output Power: 40KW

Required Water Flowrate: >16 L/min

Copper Crucible

Dimensions: 38mm(OD) x 23mm(ID)

Water cooling inside

Required Water Flowrate: >40 L/min

Capacity: 3mL

Max. Load: 20g for ferro metal or alloy

Recirculating Water Chiller

Working Voltage: 208-240V AC (50/60 Hz selectable)

Max. Power Input: 800W

Water Flowrate: 58 L/min

Temperature Range Adjustable: 5-35°C

Quartz Tube

50mm(OD) x 45mm(ID) x 300mm(L)

Vacuum Flange

One pair of Vacuum Flanges with double high temperature silicone O-rings

Max. Vacuum Pressure:

10-2 torr by mechanical pump (included)

10-5 torr by molecular pump

Top flange is hinged type for easy sample loading

Bottom flange can be controlled automatically for easy sample loading

Vacuum Pump

One heavy duty mechanical pump with exhaust filter is included KF25 adapter, bellow and valve are included for immediate use

Work Station

Induction heater, water chiller, and vacuum pump are integrated in movable steel case