CVD Furnaces

PECVD Tube Furnace System

In order to make the chemical reaction happen in lower temperature this

machine use the plasma activity to promote the reaction, so this CVD is called as plasma enhancing chemical vapor deposition. (PECVD)

We supply the products comply with the relevant state environmental protection laws and regulations (include the requirement of ISO14000),

environmental friendly.

This machine fit the requirement of OHSMS18000, it is not harmful to the peoples' health who touch this machine! 

Glow discharge in the plasma: High electron density: 109-1012cm3 

Electron gas temperature is 10-100 times than the common gas molecule.

Open-type tube furnace

Working temperature: 1200?

Furnace tube dimension: ?50, ?60, ?80(available)

Temperature controller: 30 segments high precision digital programmable temper controller

Heating field length: 440mm

Constant temperature field length: 150mm

Power: AC 220V 4KW

Plasma RF power

Output power: 50-500W Max. adjustable ±1% stability

RF frequency: 2-150MHz ±0.005% stable adjustment

Noise: ?55 DB

Cooling: cooling by air

Output power: 1KW AC 220V

Vacuum pump and valve

Connect with KF25 series bellow pipes and precision ball valve

Vacuum degree can achieve10-3 torr

Digital vacuum pressure gauge can visualized display the valve.

Mass flow meter

The inside high precision digital display mass flow gauge can control the gas flow accurately.

Gas flow rate range: 0-200 error: 0.02%

One gas agitator tank installs one liquid release valve.

Stainless steel needle is installed on the left side, it can manual control the input quantity of the mixed gas.

Air inlet: International standard double fixture cover connecter