Cutting and Dicing Saws

1- WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw

Metallographic sample cutting saw WQG-2 Micro Cutting Saw is using high speed rotary saw blade to cut organic glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, ceramic, glass etc. Cutting angle is 5°,can change among 0-4°. Used in dry cutting environment. It is widely used to cut all kinds of materials. Small size, light weight, easy to operate.

Technical parameters:

1. Cutting thickness less than 18mm

2. Voltage 220V

3. Motor power 250W

4. Running Speed 3770rpm

2- SYJ-50 Metallographic Sample Cutting Saw

SYJ-50 Metallographic Sample Cutting Saw is used for cutting metal, resin, ceramic and other kinds of materials. It's a ideal tool for being used in the colleges, universities and the researching labs. This machine equips with fast fixture, convenient to quickly fasten the sample. CE certified. Metallographic Sample Cutting Saw cuts down the metallographic samples by the high speed rotary sheet wheel, it is widely used for cutting the metallic materials in the metallographic labs. Because of the cooling system, take away the heat created by the cutting process, so avoid to change the metallographic structure by the high temperature.

1. Double fast fixture, suit for cutting bent axis, valve and other complex

shape objects.

2. Cutting chamber has emergency light, convenient to monitor the cutting process.

3. Stainless steel platform, to avoid corrosion.

4. Multi water pipes cooling, it's good for taking the heat off quickly when it is running.

5. Hyaline resin observation window, safe and reliable.

Technical parameters

1. Rotary speed 2800RPM

2. Voltage 220V

3. Power 1.5KW

4. Sand paper specification 250x2x25mm

5. Max. cutting diameter 60mm

3- HC-400 Manual Dicing/Cutting Saw

HC-400 Manual Dicing/Cutting Saw can be used for dicing and cutting all kinds of materials, depth can reach to 1inch. HC??400 accuracy can reach to 0.02mm, Sample's platform can rotate 360°, equip with cross

vise(90°Positioning model). This machine can manual control X,Y,Z-axis

cutting capacity, easy to operate. High precision processing, quickly use, easy to operate, low cost.

Technical parameters:

1. DC motor power 120W, stepless speed adjustable, speed range: 50-

3000RPM, Voltage: 220V-240V/AC.

2. X, Y and Z-axis Max. travel distance X 8inches (200mm), Y

6(150mm)inches, Z 4inches(100mm)

3. Sample's platform can rotate 360°

4. 3 sets Blade clamps???90mm, ?62mm, ?48mm

Size: 570mm°—400mm°—500mm Weight 37kg

4- KJ-3000A Diamond Bandsaw Cutting Saw

KJ-3000A Diamond Bandsaw Cutting Saw is a mini diamond belt saw cutting machine. Feature: Small size, convenient to operate, running reliably. Used for cutting glass, ceramic, Jade, marble, beton and other fragile materials. It's a ideal tool for cutting these kinds of materials in the laboratory. Not only can achieve the straight line cutting, but also can achieve the angle cutting and the curve cutting.

Working Voltage: 110-220V 50-60HZ

Input Power: 120W

Cutting thickness: 30mm

Blade perimeter: 945mm

Saw bite widthness: 1mm

Working platform dimension: L300°—W250(mm)

5- SYJ-160 Low Speed Diamond Saw

SYJ-160 Low Speed Diamond Saw is specialized designed to material researchers, the products sells to research institutes, universities and research department of famous companies, small and medium-sized companies for the relevant material analysis. Many artificial crystal precision cutting also can use this machine.

Used for precision cutting the material sample, high torque, running steady, can cut all kinds of materials and the thickness are 0.1mm. Suitable for samples' follow-up thinning, polishing and various operation.

The different between SYJ-160 and SYJ-150 is the former can use various blades of 150mm(outside diameter). It's good for cutting bigger samples.

Original equips with digital micrometer

1. Speed range 20-600RPM stepless speed adjust

2. Voltage AC 110V/220V

3. Position accuracy 0.01mm( Mechanical and digital display )

4. Two dimension, angle adjustment: 360(H),(+/-)15(V)

5. Max. travel distance 50mm Fine adjustment travel distance 25mm

6. Max dia. wafer blade 150mm 6 inches

7. Automatic shut off allowed unattended

8. Digital display axis RPM

6- SYJ-40 Manual High Speed Saw

SYJ-40 Manual High Speed Saw is used for rough processing crystal, ceramic, silica glass, rock, mineral, metallographical sample; small size;

convenient to operate; running steady. SYJ-40 Manual High Speed Saw is widely used in universities and colleges, research labs. Not only can realize the straight-line cutting, but also can realize the angle cutting

1. Max. cutting thinkness:30mm

2. Max. cutting length:140mm

3. Max. chucking thickness:40mm

1. Speed range: 630-2500RPM

2. Diamond blade size: ?75-?100mm

3. Max. cutting dimension: 25°—40mm

4. Motor power: 80W

5. Voltage 220V

7- SYJ-800 Cutting/Dicing Saw

SYJ-800 Cutting/Dicing Saw is mainly used for dicing and cutting all kinds of crystal, glass, ceramic, mineral, metal. It can realize the computer 3D automatic control. Dicing crystal wafer's diameter can reach to 200mm, cutting accuracy can reach to 0.02mm. It's one of the best precision cutting saw for lab and factory's manufacturing.

1. Single board computer and normal computer can be used to control this machine, allowing user to program, manual cutting and dicing.

2. 0.5 hp high torque brushless DC motor, can reach to 0-3000 r/min,voltage: 110V-220V.

3. PC controlled stepping motor driving resolution 0.0025mm,position

accuracy 0.01mm.

4. Manual control / Automatic digital control by control box .Equip with

exquisite sample spinning platform, can turn 360°, cutting angle tolerance + /- 0.5° .

5. Equip with precision ?200mm vacuum chuck, and?200mm glass or

ceramic resin sample holder.

6. Suited blade and blades clamp can be choice according to cutting

materials' dimension.

7. Water-proof system and splashing protection??throttle valve adjust the

cutting liquid flow.

No. Item Technical Standard Unit

1 Principal axis drive power 0.5 p

2 Principal axis rotating speed 0-3000 r/min

3 X-axis travel distance 205 mm

4 Y-axis travel distance 205 mm

5 Z-axis travel distance 70 mm

6 Processing wafer thk. 0.05-2.5 mm

7 Cutting max depth 10 mm

8 Operating platform turn angle and turn angle error 360±0.01 (°)

9 Stepping motor resolution 0.0025 mm

10 Stepping motor position accuracy 0.01 mm

11 Dia.Sample Holder 200 mm

12 Dia.Vacuum chuck 200(8inch) mm

13 Blade outside diameter Dicing blade 86, cutting blade 100mm

14 Blade inside diameter 12.7 mm

15 Voltage 220 V

8- SYJ-200 Precision Cutting Saw

SYJ-200 Precision Cutting Saw is a CE certified precision cutting saw, widely used in universities and colleges, researching labs for high speed cutting metal, ceramic, glass, rock, concrete, organic materials. Because of equipping with high precision walking system, SYJ-200 Precision Cutting Saw has a high cutting accuracy. It is a effective tool for analyzing the materials. Our company provides fastener blade clamps and process based on your requirement.

1. Pulse width adjustable speed, high torque, running steady.

2. The big color touch screen, digital display, parameter precision and


3. X, Y-axis are driven by stepping motor

4. Coolant circulating system.

5. Design all kinds of suitable blade clamps according to your requirement

Technical parameters:

1. Speed range 0-3000rpm

2. Blade dimension 100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm

3. distance X-axis: 60mm; Y-axis: 70mm

Theoretical max cutting depth :60mm

4. Voltage 220V

5. Total power 600W

6. Control manual control by central programming unit