Test Equipments

NANOVEA Indentation, Scratch and Wear

Mechanical Testers

Nano Indentation, Scratch and Wear

Micro/Macro Indentation, Scratch and Wear

NANOVEA 3D Non-Contact Profilometers

Jr25 Optical Profilometer | True Portable Capability

PS50 Optical Profilometer | Limited Budget

ST400 Optical Profilometer | Nanovea Standard

HS1000 Optical Profilometer | Hi-Speed Automated Inspection

NANOVEA Tribometer

Pin-on-Disk (ASTMG99)

Linear Reciprocating (ASTM G133)

Tribometer’s Options

LABTHINK Packaging Testing Equipments

Oxygen Permeability Tester

Gas Permeability Tester

Water Vapor Transmission Rate

Leak tester

Falling dart Impact Tester

Elmendorf Tearing Tester

Thickness Tester

Coefficient of Friction Tester

Hot Tack Tester

Heat Seal Tester

Auto Tensile Tester

FPI NIR Near Infrared Analyzer

Portable NIR

Standart NIR

Mobile NIR

Rezonans Spektrometreler

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectrometer

Elektron Spin Rezonans (ESR) Spektrometre

Sürekli Akış ESR / EPR Analiz Sistemi

Gama Işını Spektrometresi

Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

Riso Thermoluminescence (TL)

RisoOptically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

FESTEC Fire Testing Equipments

Air & N2 Gas Generator

Assembly Tester

Building Construction Fire Resistance Tester

Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Spread Tester

Cleveland Open Cup Auto Flash Point Analyzer

Cone Calorimeter 2006

Conical Heater 3

Cube Smoke Density Tester

Door Set Mechanical Tester

Erosion Tracking Tester

Fire Fighter Gloves Waterproof Tester

Fire Mechanical Shock Tester

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance Assemblies Tester

Fire Resistance Tester

Flame Durability Tester

Flammability Tester

Flooring Radiant Panel Tester

Hot Wire Coil Ignition Tester

IEC 60754-1&2

Large Scale Calorimeter 2006

Mouse Tester 2005

Naval Engineering

Non-combustibility Tester 2005

Offshore HCF Cable Fire Resistance Tester

Oxygen Index Tester 2005

Radiant Panel Flame Spread Tester

Respiratory Proctective Device Tester

Room Corner Tester 2006

Single Burning Items 2006

Smoke Box 2005

Solar Cell Spread of Flame

Spread of Flame Tester 2006

TAG Closed Cup Auto Flash Point Analyzer

Termal Characteristic Analyser

Time & Pressure Tester

UL 94 - AVH Chamber

Vertical Furnace Heat Flux Tester

Water Spray Tester